Party Packages

The Ultimate Rockstar Recording Party Packages

Party Packages are ideal for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or just for fun!

We have simplified our parties to one base package, to which you can add any optional extras. We are happy to work with you with any special requests or customization to make your party extra special!  When you contact us you can specify any extras you are interested in as well as let us know about any special requests or customization for your party.  We will get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote for your party.

The Details:

  • Participants: 
Party Packages are for groups of kids (or adults).  The perfect party size is 4 to 6 participants, although we allow up to 8 (additional fee applies for more than 6 participants).  We limit the number of participating guests for safety reasons and to ensure that each participant has a memorable experience.  Our base package includes up to 6 participants.  Additional participants are $25 each.  There is no charge for non-participating parents or guests who want to observe.  If you wish to throw a bigger party with more participants, please contact us to discuss having us rent out a larger studio facility for you (we will coordinate everything for you, and include our own engineer, photographer, music, lighting and props).  top
  • Songs:
Recording parties are all about singing and recording your favorite songs!  We want to make sure you have enough time to run through each song several times in order to capture your best performance (just like the pros do).  Background music for your songs is included, and we also need time to set up the sessions with your music before your party starts.  We suggest you browse through the selection of music available through Karaoke Version, and select the songs you want to perform well in advance of your party.  Send us the links to the tracks you want to use, and we will purchase them, print out lyrics, and have everything ready to go for your party.  We strongly suggest that you also download the tracks and practice ahead of time!  If you want to record additional songs, you can purchase additional songs and recording time. top
  • Recording Session:
During the recording session, the participants will have a chance to sing each song several times through. They may choose to sing as a group, or take turns singing individually. Larger groups may also want to split into two smaller groups and take turns. They can choose to record with the larger, stand mounted microphones, or they may each use handheld microphones. We have multiple headphones of various sizes so that each participant can hear the music while recording.  We can also set up speakers for music playback if the participants don’t want to use headphones.  In the base package, you get a 60 minute recording session, which gives you approximately 15 minutes to record each song (including listening time between takes).  Additional Recording Session time can be purchased if your rock starts want to record more songs.  top
  • Photo Shoot:
Each party package includes a Rock Star Photo Shoot. Our award winning photographer will take photos of your Rock Stars in action, using professional photo equipment, studio strobe lights, and our fun DJ Club background lighting. For action shots, the participants can continue to sing along with their background music, and they will also be able to use our studio gear and props. All of the music and photos from the party will be uploaded to our server after the party, and download links will be sent to the parents.  Check out the photos page for some examples.   top
  • Music Video:
A Music Video shoot can be added as an optional extra to your party. For the music video, we’ll break out the professional video lights, turn on the DJ Club lighting, break out some props, and let the participants dance and sing along with one of their chosen songs. We’ll run through the song several times, shooting High Definition video from different angles, with group shots and solos or close ups. Within the next few days after the party, the video will be professionally edited and delivered to the guest of honor via the internet. The video will be in full HD (1080p) format, and delivered as an MP4 video file.  Optionally a DVD (standard definition, widescreen format) can be created and mailed to you. Depending on how busy the studio is, we can usually deliver the fully edited video within 2 days after party. top
  • Photoshop Photo Edits:
Photoshop Photo Editing can also be added as an optional extra to your party package. This is a time consuming process that cannot be done during the party.  We’ll use our extensive photo editing experience to edit and enhance the photos, and deliver print ready images suitable for framing or simply posting online to share with friends and family. Depending on how busy the studio is, we can usually deliver the Photoshop edited photos within 7 days after you let us know which photos you want edited. Check out the photos page for some examples. top
  • Food and Beverages:
For an additional fee, we can prepare the party area above the studio for you to use for refreshments, cake, and gifts. An extra 30 minutes will be added to your party package. We will provide tableware, but you must provide your own food and beverages. top
  • Setup and Cleanup:
For all party packages we give you up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to arrive and setup. We also give you up to 15 minutes after the scheduled end time for cleanup and departure. We ask that you please respect our schedule and not show up too early or stay too late as it may interfere with our regular studio clients or take away from time needed to setup for the next party. top