Gift Packages

Great gift ideas!

Personalized Recordings or Photos make great gifts!

Make a unique and memorable gift for family and loved ones, or buy a Recording or Photo Party gift certificate for an aspiring Rock Star!

Here are just a few great gift ideas we can help you with:

  • Record a personal song for your loved one.  Many brides love to record a song or two to play for their husband at their wedding.   Also great for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any other special occasion.
  • Create Audio Keepsakes.  Got a baby that’s just starting to talk?  Make a professional recording to preserve it.  Record your kids singing their favorite songs as a gift for grandparents.  Record your personal memories or special messages for your family.
  • Shoot some fun Rock Star Photos of your kids or the whole family for grandparents, family or friends.
  • Does your child love to sing or play an instrument?  Get them a gift certificate for some time to record in our professional studio.
  • Rock Star Music Videos –  Create a fun video of your kids, or your whole family, singing or lip syncing along with their favorite song to give as a gift to grandparents, family, or friends.  Use our studio gear and props, along with our DJ Party background lights.
  • Unique Personalized Gift Items –  Gold & Platinum Records (framed or stand alone) with personalized photos and art, fake magazine covers, and more.  Come into the studio to shoot the photos, and then let us help you put it together into a unique and personalized gift.
  • Have a budding young songwriter, producer, or engineer?  Sing them up for private lessons, or even just an introductory studio session, to learn about the whole production and recording process.

We can handle any of your recording needs, and most of your photo needs as well!  Stephen Sherrard has won awards for both music mixing and photography.  He has been working professionally in the recording industry for over 25 years, and has amassed a large collection of high-end professional recording equipment, as well as photography and video equipment.

Photos or music can be delivered on USB flash drives, audio CD, CD-ROM, or DVD/DVD-ROM, as well as via the internet (FTP, email, or private web file links).

We don’t have any per-designed gift packages.  However, you are welcome to contact us or submit a booking request with details on what you would like to do, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a custom quote.  Due to the amount of setup and tear down, and preparation required, even for seemingly simple sessions, our minimum charge is $150 for an hour of time and basic materials.  Additional time is $100 per hour on weekends, or $75 per hour during normal business hours on weekdays.  Photo & Video editing services are an additional charge.