Take your Recording Parties to the next level with these exciting extras!

Below are listed some of the more popular extras that we offer for our recording parties, some of which have fixed prices, and others with varying price & availability.  We know that Rock Stars & Divas can be demanding, so we will customize any recording party to fit your needs.  Whether it’s a birthday party for you or your kids, or any other special event, we want all of our recording parties to be extra special!  When you fill out our booking request form, you can indicate the extras you are interested in as well as tell us about any special requests or customizations you want.  We will then get back to you as soon as possible with a customized quote for your recording party.

  • Additional Participants:  $25 for each additional participating guest, up to a maximum of 8 participants.  For Party Packages or Photo Packages only (Solo Packages are for one participant only).  Please contact us to discuss options for larger parties.

  • Additional Songs & Recording Time:  Add 2 additional songs, plus 30 minutes of additional time to any package for $75.

  • Music Video & Additional Time:  Add a music video shoot, plus 30 minutes of additional time (for the video shoot) to any package for $250.  This also includes professional video editing by our engineer, with final edited video to be delivered usually within 7 days after the party.

  • Additional Party Time:  Just want a little more time to party in the studio?  Or need some additional time for a photo party package?  Add 30 minutes of additional time to any package for $50.  Does NOT include any additional songs or video shoot.

  • Photoshop Photo Editing:  Professional photo enhancing, cropping, and editing for $10 per photo.  Custom fake magazine covers $25 each (sized for printing and framing).

  • Rock Star theme Tableware & Decorations:  We include Eco-friendly, reusable/washable tableware in fun colors, as well as napkins with the Eastside Recording Parties logo on them.  However, if you want to go all out with a Rock Star or Diva themed tableware and matching decorations, there are several designs and options to choose from that we can special order for you.  Let us know what you need and we can order them for you and add them to the cost of your party, or give you the links to order direct yourself.  We need at least 2 weeks notice to order these from our suppliers.

  • Food & Beverages:  We include food & beverages in some of our packages, and you are also welcome to bring your own (including birthday cakes).  If you want us to handle everything for you and have it ready for your party, just let us know what you would like, and for how many people, and we’ll make it happen!  There is a lot of great food options in Issaquah, so you can get just about any type of party food you want.