How do you want to Party?

We offer a variety of different party packages, plus extras to help you create the perfect party!

  • Party Packages – Party Packages are for groups of up to 8 participants.  Each party package includes at least one recording session and one photo shoot.  Party packages are the most popular choice for kids birthday parties, but are great fun for any occasion.

  • Solo Packages – Solo Packages are for individuals who want to have the whole studio to themselves.

  • Photo Party Packages – Photo Party Packages are for groups of up to 8 participants who just want to do a fun Rock Star Photo Shoot in the studio, with studio gear, props, and lights.  No recording sessions.

  • Gift Packages – Need a unique gift for someone special?  We’ve got many great gift package ideas!

  • Extras – Customize any package with some popular optional extras.  We are also happy to work with any special requests or customizations you may have, even if they aren’t listed on our site.  It’s all about creating a special party just for you or your little rock stars!

No matter what type of package you choose, we will do everything possible to make your party extra special!  Want to customize a package?  Have a special request?  No problems!  If it’s possible, we will do it for you.