Birthday Parties

Rock Star Birthday Parties for Kids & Adults!

At Eastside Recording Parties our specialty is Rock Star Birthday Parties for Kids & Adults!

Tired of the typical birthday parties?

Looking for a fun and unique birthday party idea that you or your kids can really get excited about?

Book a birthday party with Eastside Recording Parties and Party Like A Rock Star in a Professional Recording Studio!

We are located in Issaquah, very close to Bellevue, and only about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle.

  • Record your favorite songs

Award Winning professional recording & mixing engineer Stephen Sherrard will guide you through the whole process and record you using the same equipment the pros use!

Kids love singing the latest pop hits at their birthday parties.

Adults love singing the favorite songs they grew up with.

We can help you find backing tracks for almost any popular song.

  • Rock Star Photo Shoot

To make your birthday party even more memorable, each party includes a professional Rock Star Photo Shoot!

We use a high end, professional camera, photo strobe lights, and our fun DJ Dance Club background lighting system for your Rock Star Photo Shoot.

In addition to recording & mixing, Stephen Sherrard is also an award winning photographer.

Check out the party photo gallery for some examples.

  • Professional Music Videos

Rock Star Birthday Parties are even more fun when you add a Professional Music Video!

Our Platinum Party Package includes a music video shoot and professional video editing, but you can add a Music Video to any of our packages.

We’ll break out the professional video lights and camera and shoot your video from multiple angles, with close ups and group shots, while you sing along with your favorite song.  After the party, we will professionally edit your custom high definition (HD) music video and deliver it to you electronically (suitable for posting online), and/or mail it to you on a DVD.

Check out the video page for some examples.

  • VIP Birthday Party Area

Birthday Parties aren’t complete without refreshments, cake, and gifts!

We have a special VIP Party area set aside for food, cake, and gifts.  We provide colorful and Eco-Friendly party tableware.

Some of our packages includes food and refreshments, or you can bring your own.  We are happy to order and prepare any custom food or refreshment requests to help make your birthday party extra special!

  • Birthday Party Packages

Compare our most popular birthday party packages on the Party Packages page.

Does your little Rock Star or Diva want the studio all to themselves?  We offer a selection of Solo Packages as well.

We want you or your kid’s birthday party to be extra special, so we are more than happy to customize any party package to fit your needs.

We offer a wide range of extras to choose from.  But, we are not limited to those and are happy to consider all special requests!

  • Larger Birthday Parties

We believe what makes our birthday parties special is that you get to record in a real, professional recording studio, with an award winning recording engineer.  The ideal recording party size is 4 to 6 participants, although we allow up to 8 participants in our studio.  It can be very difficult for even 2 people to sing in time together, without a lot of rehearsing.  With 8 young kids who aren’t used to singing together, it can be a bit chaotic.

However, the goal is to have fun and to simply enjoy the rock star recording experience.  Sometimes it can be very hard to narrow the guest list down to just 8 total participants.  If you need to book a party with a larger number of participants, then there are a few options.

One option is to use our studio, but break the participants into smaller groups and have them take turns.  This would require adding some extra time to the recording package so that everyone has enough time to record.

Another option is that we can sub-contract one of the larger recording studios in the greater Seattle or Bellevue area for your party, and we’ll bring along the music, our party lighting, and professional photo setup.  Even with a larger studio facility, though, it would still be best to break the participants up into smaller groups for the recording.  Unless they are doing choir type arrangements, and are very well rehearsed, trying to sing popular songs with large groups of kids usually doesn’t work very well.

At this time we don’t have a mobile setup.  We feel that bringing a mobile setup to your house wouldn’t be as special as having a birthday party in a professional recording studio.  However, we are happy to rent the extra equipment we would need to go mobile, and bring everything to your home or other location for larger parties.  This would require additional charges for equipment rental plus travel, setup, and tear down time.

Contact us for more details.

  • The Best Birthday Parties in Seattle/Bellevue/Issaquah area!

We are committed to providing the most fun and unique birthday party experience in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Issaquah areas. At one point or another, we have all dreamed of being a rock star.

Whether for your kids or yourself, book your birthday party with us and Party Like A Rock Star!