The Experience

Experience what it's like to Record in a Professional Studio

Record in a Professional StudioEastside Recording Parties gives you the Rock Star Recording Experience!  Sing, Record, Pose for Photos, and Party in a professional recording studio!

Whether with a group of friends, or solo, you get to record your favorite songs over prerecorded background tracks, with professional music producer and award winning mixing engineer Stephen Sherrard in a professional recording studio.

Rock Star Photo Shoot included!But, we don’t stop there, we give you the full rock star party experience!  Every party package includes a rock star photo shoot complete with professional DJ Club background lighting. In addition to being an award winning mixing engineer, Stephen Sherrard is also an award winning photographer, and his high end photo setup rivals that of even the best Paparazzi photographers!  See the Party Photos page for examples.

Our most popular Gold Party Package is 2 hours long, and broken down as follows:

  • 15 minutes for studio tour and party briefing
  • 30 minutes for first recording set
  • 15 minutes for photo shoot
  • 30 minutes for second recording set
  • 30 minutes for mixing and gifts/refreshments

At the end of the party, the guest of honor takes home the final song mixes and rock star photos on a souvenir USB drive.

To experience even more of the life of a rock star, you can choose optional extras such as a music video shoot, additional time/songs, a limousine ride, custom catering, professional hair/makeup & wardrobe, or even a professional vocal coach!

Eastside Recording Parties are a fun and exciting alternative to traditional birthday parties, but are also great for any special occasion, or just for fun.  A party area is available for food, refreshments, and gifts.

Give your kids (or yourself) the rock star recording experience!

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