All About the Ultimate Rock Star Recording Party Experience

About Eastside Recording Parties

At Eastside Recording Parties, we are all about providing party goers with the unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a rock star as you record & party in a professional recording studio!

Rockstar birthday parties for kids in the Seattle/Bellevue/Issaquah area are our specialty.  But, it’s not just for kids, and it doesn’t need to be your birthday.

In a typical recording party package, your little rock stars (or you) will sing and record up to 4 songs and have a Rock Star Photo Shoot.  After the party, your songs will be professionally mixed and uploaded to our server, along with high resolution copies of all your photos, and you will be sent download links.

This is all done in a professional recording studio using the same type of recording equipment that the pros use.  The studio is a working professional studio located in the private residence of award winning mixing engineer Stephen Sherrard.  Stephen has more than 25 years of professional music production, recording, and mixing experience in the greater Seattle area, working on staff for several years at one of the largest studios in the Seattle area, Triad Studios, before going fully independent in the late 90s.

From young children wanting a unique birthday party experience, to adults looking for a fun night out, Stephen Sherrard and Eastside Recording Parties deliver the Rock Star Recording Experience!

More than Rock Star Birthday Parties

In addition to rock star birthday parties, and recording parties for any occasion, we also offer a wide variety of professional recording studio services.  Whether you want to throw a fun and exciting recording party with a group of friends, or book some studio time for your own solo recording project, we’ve got you covered!

Beginners and Professionals are all welcome to record here!